I am pretty conservative

Yes, I AM… in certain areas.

Take for instance my love for old cars; I go gaga over these old beauties.  I love the design, the lines, the colors.

… such as this red MG parked in front of the store!

As I was tinkering around the shop this morning, I also noticed that for all these years, I have stuck with the same designers. The same FEW designers. I like my people. I like knowing what I can expect from their deliveries. Even their flaws are predictable. (such as buttons falling off …) The other day, I altered a jacket from one of my favorite peeps, Anni Kuan. As I was opening the jacket, exposing its inner side, I was so happy to have reaffirmed what I’ve come to appreciate for the last 6 years – her tailoring is impeccable!

Anni Kuan, great fabric and style

SkunkFunk – design with an edge

Hazel, predictably fun.












another Anni on my friend L.

Whitewash skirt, Hazel vest, Sofada top

fall beauty by Hazel













Even my clothing reps know that I won’t just ‘try out’ a new line… easily.  I ponder and think before I add somebody unknown. That’s why I liked Neesha; they only had a few basics at first, which was easier to risk.

and now Neesha is one of my best sellers!

My perfume is conservative – I have been using the same scent for at least 12 years.

I adore some of the old classic movies, and can get chills listening to great artists like Nina Simone or David Byrne.

I am also incredibly loyal to my friends. It is very difficult to get on my bad side. Once I have a friend, I stick with them. (… for the most part; there maybe be the odd one from which I moved apart – literally and spiritually) I like the history we have together, the honesty we share, the things we do together. There are certain things I do with certain people. And have over many, many years.

I am a Taurus. I dig my heels in. I am pretty grounded, too. (this state only ends when I board a plane to go places)

I hang onto my clothes. I darn socks. I keep shoes forever.

All that makes me pretty conservative, right? At least in those departments….

Now, don’t get me started on politics.








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