… pretty, but uncomfortable

Aside form the GOP dress that I made at the coast, I also tackled a fabric I had for at least a decade.

silk? linen?

Many years ago, I found these two rolls of fabric at an estate sale and loved the light feel and look of them.  They are only 50cm (20in) wide and at the time I wondered if they were curtain fabrics. Now, I am not so sure anymore, maybe they were used for bridal wear or other fancy dresses.

I set out to find a pattern.

This pattern called for a light fabric – which I had!  It came out of my old Burda sewing magazines, also a few years back. I imagined an airy blouse over a dark tank and worn with jeans. While at it, I cut out the pattern in both the raspberry and the pink color.

Cutting the fabric, it frayed on all sides – which I anticipated as it is not very stable.  I knew that I did not want to serge it because the serged seams would have shown through. Therefore, I cut the pattern a bit wider so as to make french seams.

Feeling the fabric, I also noticed that it was somewhat stiff and that my blouse would have structure to it and not necessarily drape loosely.

it came together okay…

… although the french seams are a challenge as you sew your pieces together right side out!

After I was done, I diligently clipped back any fabric threads because I noticed that they poked my skin!

I like the look…

… but not how it FEELS! It is too stiff and the edges scrape my skin, it is almost itchy.  Soaking it in water with a little detergent did not help. It dried up almost as stiff. Wearing a turtleneck underneath defeats the purpose.

When I got home, I threw it on a chair in my sewing room. That is where it has been for the last days. I now need to muster up the courage to put it back on. Maybe the blouse does not like ME?

aaaah, sigh!


2 Responses to “… pretty, but uncomfortable”

  1. 1 jaymalea
    January 26, 2013 at 08:18

    If you still have this top, you might try soaking it in hair conditioner. I’ve used it to relax fibers before, it works pretty well and doesn’t discolor them.

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