sandal weather!

Today, Portlanders are complaining about the heat and it is true that when I step out of my little air-conditioned cocoon of a shop, it feels like the devil’s kitchen all around me.  BUT I LOVE IT!  I love the hot air on my skin. I enjoy biking through it.  I love it even more because it cools off at night.  What could be better?  This IS the perfect summer.

I have been breaking out my sandals every day of the week. Oh yes, I have a few of those.  So I will continue to present you the shoes I own with clothing options from my closet and my store.

Here are my black wedge sandals:

made by Goertz, bought in Germany

The heel is about 2″ (5cm), comfortable enough not to fall off of.

halter dress by SkunkFunk

The criss-cross stripes of this little number by SkunkFunk goes perfectly with the sandals, I think.

Neesha tank, light ankle pants

The pants are just short enough to show off the sandals.

This next pair is yin, and I got those in Zürich.

bubble dress, capris

the lower half of a dress by Anni Kuan


These sandals are a bit more rugged and I like the scalloped edge. That edge corresponds well with the scalloped edge of Anni’s dress or the swirl lace of the Kersh white dress.

Now for some color:

Everybody sandal

This dress is also by SunkFunk and I’ve owned it for a few years. The petrol of the dress and the contrast stitching goes perfect with the sandals.

flirty number by Hazel

There are many colors in this dress and one of them matches the sandals just so.  Often, I pick my shoes to match one of the colors of my outfit.

… and the last one for today, Tsonga made in South Africa

gold and olive!


Hazel racerback top, ISDA pants

Hazel halter back dress


















Either one of these outfits will make anyone survive in this heat.

…. and I should really be taking pictures of myself with a proper camera on a tripod.  Enjoy!



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