using it up

Today, my mother-in-law is celebrating her 96th birthday.  Actually, she is HAVING her birthday, I am not so sure about the celebrating part of the day. Since she is a bit forgetful these days, she may not remember that is IS her birthday today.  Other than that she is in remarkably good health.

For her entire life, my MIL was incredibly organized.  Everything had its place in her house and everything was labeled and carefully put away.  She also kept EVERYTHING, remotely usable from lidded containers to rubber bands, ribbons to wrapping paper.

When she moved to a retirement home in 2000 and cleaned out her house, I inherited – among other things – many yards of lingerie elastics.

There were lots of colors and varying widths.  I did not have a use for most of them, especially because they were at least an inch wide and too ‘lacey’ to use on top of a skirt or pant.  UNTIL I mustered up the courage to try myself at underwear. You see, I am (like probably most) VERY particular how my undies need to fit.  I need them to stay around my butt cheeks – nothing worse than undies riding up. I like them to be low cut to where I don’t even feel them.  And I like them to look good – not pinching little rolls of flesh here and there.

I have all this leftover fabric sitting around and figured that these little odds and ends may just be enough for panties. So this last fall, I took some leftover fabric (mostly bamboo) and the elastic lace to my annual sewing retreat at the coast.

Using well fitting store-bought panties as a pattern, I set out to work.

tracing a pattern, getting to work… and enjoying it!

I took several tries to get the right fit. Some were too tight. Putting elastic around the leg opening did not look pretty. Others were too high on the side and too low in the back.

But finally I got a fit that I like.

the latest batch (cotton jersey)

so pleased with the lace edging!

I am not sure when the GAP store will see me again.


1 Response to “using it up”

  1. 1 Ros Hewson
    July 24, 2012 at 04:01

    I do admire the fact that you made use of your MIL’s pieces. I am angry that I gave away all my Mum’s knitting needles now that I have become interested in knitting again. Teaching my 28 9 year olds the skill also!

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