more curious customers …. and such

One of the perks of having a shop is that pretty much anyone can walk through your door. Well, for the most part, it is a ‘perk’… only occasionally there is the odd one out that you wish had not passed over the threshold.

It is great for people watching and trying to figure people out. Over the past few years, I have met people I would NEVER have met or spoken to in my previous professional life. I love that and appreciate it a whole lot.

Yesterday, I had a mother-daughter couple worth a TV show. Mother was all snazzily dressed up in suit and heels and Daughter (I guess, about 14 or 15) in Uggs (don’t get these anyway, especially not on a warm day), sweat pants and carrying a cell phone on a ‘leash’  of which hung little stuffed animals.  Other than that, they looked very much alike. As they were looking around, the mom would shout out:  HOW CUTE IS THIS! here and there. Daughter did not even raise an eyebrow. Later, Mother tried on a few skirts while Daughter was meeting every single one with a scowl. Poor mom – she REALLY wanted for Daughter to like the skirts. Well, needless to say, she did not buy any. As they left, Mother chewed out Daughter outside the store. How I would have liked to hear THAT conversation.

Then there was ‘Label Lady’. She looked like she was about mid-fifties.  She was pretty, had a nice figure and hairdo and was VERY talkative. One of the first things she told me was what size she wore BEFORE she entered Menopause. (>>> by now, I know how THESE conversations are going: most women will tell you IN DETAIL what Menopause did to them <<<)

As I carry an array of designers and ALL seem to have different sizing, I gently pointed out that fact and how I’d be glad to find her size. To which she exclaimed, ‘I WILL NEVER wear anything that says LARGE! NEVER!’  I probably should not have offered to cut out any offensive label because she then proceeded to say that she would also NEVER wear anything of which she knew had at one time the label ‘L’ in it. Poor thing.

Last but not least, I have encountered some very picky customers. No, not the ones who look at everything and then ask if you have THAT in Blue, or RED… but totally ignore the three colors you have. Also not the ones who love, love, love the skirt but only if it WAS half an inch longer. Or ask you to MAKE something similar to what is in the store, only with a tuck here and a pleat there. No, it is the customer who tries on the cheapest, marked down item, takes it off, tries it on again, looks at it from every side, wants it to be black instead of brown, only to take it off again. Then asks if you have and iron at hand and could I please iron the collar differently? Tries it on again – does it look good NOW? By now, we are about 60 minutes into the transaction. (>>> oh yes, I am friendly all the way and  u.n.d.e.r.s.t.a.n.d.i.n.g.<<<)

It is so much fun working in a store!

And yes, I made a $19 sale! 🙂


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