more stuff I made

This post is another tribute to my dear friend B. who never seizes to inspire me to try new things.

While visiting her, she was knitting a circular, twisted shawl  – a Moebius scarf.  Like with most everything, she pointed me to a you-tube tutorial by Cat Bordhi. (this is the one).  But not only was I intrigued by the scarf, I also loved the needles my friend was using.

The system itself is pretty well known – various gauge needles that attach to a cable of varying length, in order to fit your particular project. HOWEVER, this pictured system (Knit Pro) is only available in Europe as of now. I did get two different gauges of needles and two cables.

Since you knit this scarf in an endless loop, I had no real sense of how many stitches I needed. In addition, the cable is twisted like a figure 8 and therefore you cannot try on the scarf as you go.

Which resulted in this:

a turtleneck!

Well, I wasn’t discouraged that easily. I watched Cat Bordhi’s video one more time and in it, she offers a free pattern on her website, which I printed out and took with me on my last trip to Europe. I actually started to knit ON THE PLANE over.

just right to fit around my shoulders

My friend was knitting a length that would twist around your neck twice, but I am actually pretty pleased with how this turned out as you can see the twist of the scarf. This gets two thumbs up from me… thanks to following the instructions.

Rummaging around in my mother’s closet, I found a leftover of yarn, that I started to use when I finished the blue scarf above.

not quite as wide on my shoulders

For this one, I invented the pattern and drew it out on graph paper first. This one literally had to end when I ran out of yarn.

I like my Moebius creations. They are a perfect necklace alternative.

And as for the knitting needles, I am now scouting for another project. I have already been to a yarn store! 🙂



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