buildings (up and down)

On my walk yesterday, I came across this horrible sight.

The bulldozer looked like a fierce animal eating away at this house. If you look closely, you can see the chandelier of the dining room swinging back and forth from the hitting force. That made me all the more sad. Somebody’s house, somebody’s HISTORY and MEMORIES taken out by the swing of a machine.

While I have no idea what was wrong with the house, or why they may have decided to rather take it down than renovate it, this violent action touched me. Walking around in my neighborhood, I witnessed similar actions; you can read about it here and here.

People build houses rather quickly around here. You go on vacation and when you come back there may be two houses on a formerly empty lot. Yes, I know – building wood houses is a lot faster than putting up brick after brick to build a single wall.

Knowing that the bulldozer probably will haven taken out the house in the video within 24 hours, I walked back over there later last evening.

huge gap between the garage and the house

a gaping, open wound

Again, not knowing HOW one decides to destroy a house like this, I still don’t understand WHY they are not preserving the materials for later use.

A few weeks back, they took down a house next to my shop… and this is what THEY did:

first they removed the windows, then the roof

all the wood carefully removed and loaded up

Granted, it took them about two weeks to remove all the materials. However,  whatever was taken out there can be either recycled properly or resold to someone who is renovating another older home. I applaud companies like this one!

In the case of the above (video) house, I am afraid that all the construction rubbish ends up on a landfill.

For the ‘newly’ made (razed clean) empty lot, I’m afraid to see monstrosities like these going up:

compare the scale of the houses here!

I don’t get it: look at the scale between the older house on the left and that tall, skinny weirdo!

Hey, I like NEW houses. Modern, sleek, well-designed buildings. Just not those functional, non-descript lot fillers.


1 Response to “buildings (up and down)”

  1. 1 Glenn hashitani
    March 15, 2012 at 20:47

    It is a shocking world, when you have good taste and sensitivity.

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