stuff I made

I use my sewing machines a lot. I hem pants. I fix holes. I take in wedding gowns. I even make hand protectors for weight lifters. I tell my customers that if it is possible to do with a sewing machine, I will do it.

While this is rewarding, it severely limits making things for myself. Or sewing for fun.

That’s why I like it all the more when the bug bites me and I am getting on a sewing roll.

Before Christmas, I made all kinds of boxy pouches, which was so rewarding because within the hours of an evening a had a few to look at!

boxy pouches

Around that time, I also needed a slim dress to wear as first layer under a bunch of jackets.

Since I did not have time to go fabric shopping, I used what I had and made this little number in a couple of hours.

orange tank dress

And because it was so much fun and I got requests for them, I made phone and accessory pouches.

flat pouch parade

A great many of the boxy pouches ended up as Christmas gifts. Most of the flat pouches came with me on my recent Europe trip and were given away as ‘omiyage’ (host gift).

Despite the busy season and my impending travel, it felt so good to be productive!

I can’t wait for the bug to bite again!


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