… add a layer!

For a while, I was interested in this one dress we presently have at the store. I tried it on multiple times but could not quite decide that it looked good on me. In fact, I wasn’t so much interested in the DRESS but in the SLIP that came with it. Getting the dress just for the slip? No.

The slip is actually a nice dress all in itself. A sleeveless little shell. Would work well as a summer dress. Well as a little number UNDER some things. Also well with a t-shirt and the dress OVER it.

However, I still wasn’t going to get the dress even for those many possibilities.

So what’s a girl to do? ( … a girl with  a good number of sewing machines at home?) —–>>> MAKE ONE!

I did.

It is not black. It is burnt orange.

I made it from some soft bamboo that I had left over.

So okay, it is still officially Winter here and I wanted to wear this dress in any of the ways I had imagined wearing the one at the store.

bottom layer: tights

Here you see the ‘store’ (black) dress, my self-made dress and some tight options. Getting excited!

striped tights, 2nd hand jacket

Now I HAD to wear my knocked-off  dress to work. This was a decent day, not too cold, so I threw on a lightweight cotton jacket and my favorite hip belt.

the 'cold' outfit

But what if it gets colder and I still want to take my orange slip dress out? I threw on a heavier wool cardigan. I am pleased with my little summer dress/slip/shell.

(Needless to say that I now OWN the cardigan. Did not plan on that. But am HAPPY! 🙂 )

2 Responses to “… add a layer!”

  1. February 12, 2012 at 03:45

    Love this and clever you making such a great version, you’ve given me some great ideas about extending my summer dresses for the colder weather!

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