my ‘lil pouch mania

A few days before Christmas, I was SO on a roll.

Sunday, I had gotten a tree and decorated it that night. Monday, I was cleaning house and Tuesday, I did ALL my shopping for the holidays and party. Oh, did I ever feel organized!

And then there was Wednesday, I did not have to go to work – and had NOTHING planned.  Nothing.  Zip.

[About a year back, my good friend and sewing addict (just like me) B. had given me a set of pouches, both boxy and flat, which I had put immediately to good use: two went into my big purse to hold various, otherwise wildly floating things; one was big enough to put CDs in, and the last one goes on airplanes with me, containing earbuds, an eyemask, along with other airplane-necesseties.]

That ‘free’ Wednesday before Christmas?  I was going to MAKE some Christmas presents!

I have tons of leftover fabric scraps.

I have hundreds of zippers in all colors and lengths.

But most of all: I have the TIME and MOTIVATION to get cracking.

Also by B.’s recommendation: there is probably nothing that a youtube video or a blog somewhere can’t explain. So I googled ‘box pouch tutorial’, found this one, got my fabrics, zippers and interfacing, sat down,

fabric and zippers, first finished pouches

moved frequently between sewing machine and computer for directions,

six box pouches, two phone carriers

and had little gifts for the girls that I met for Happy Hour that Wednesday night!

However, I did not stop there.  After sewing and clipping, turning the pouches right side out and seeing the pretty liner fabric inside just made me happy. All the memories the fabrics produced – this one I had gotten in San Francisco, that one on Italy, the silk I purchased together with D.; this one was made into a jacket, the other one made a skirt I never wore, the pants out of that one I still have… a little of my history went into every pouch.

The second batch a few days later... and still not done! Fabric of my sofa and of my chairs are seen here.

I made more pouches between Christmas and the New Year. I gave them to friends and family. One is holding underwear, one a pharmacy kit and a flat one an iPad. (so I hear)

The last batch. For now.

These last three I am keeping.  The Guatemalan fabric with the silk lining is for my phone, the grey plaid (made a skirt of the fabric) is so pretty with its liner that it makes me smile, and the green one (outer fabric – curtain, lining from Japan) is big enough for socks or panties.

Yesterday, I found more fabric in my studio that just calls to be made into a pouch. But I shall reign in my mania for now… I have tons of alterations that need my attention.  But soon, there will be a birthday, an occasion to make more pouches.

Here’s to a CREATIVE 2012!

4 Responses to “my ‘lil pouch mania”

  1. January 13, 2012 at 15:44

    I love my little pouch! And now I have two questions: From where and whence is my fabric? And how can coax you into making me a little phone holder for my birthday? What a cool post, Misha! I love know the story behind the making of the pouches.

    • January 13, 2012 at 16:08

      Cheryl, I will show you! (there is a jacket with your fabric!) I believe, your liner is the ‘smile’ fabric – I always wanted to make something for my niece out of it and never did. Phone pouch for your birthday? Absolutely!

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