bonus attributes

Admittedly, I fall for unusual stuff. In the past, I have bought clothing that had an interesting shape, wild pattern or consisted of a variety of (suspicious) materials. Very often, there was only one left in the store and also very often, it was on SALE because of that. Combine an unusual item with a sale price – you got me.

I probably don’t have to tell you that as soon as the ‘unusual’ item joined the other inhabitants of my closet, it discovered it had NO friends. Nothing that would even remotely look good with it. Questioning my sanity, I would ask myself in bewilderment WHAT on earth got me to buy that thing in the first place, let alone what I imagined pairing with it. Yet, it was there. In order to justify the purchase I would break it out a few times, wear it, love/hate it….and ultimately get rid of it after many seasons of just taking up space on a hanger.

I have gotten slightly better and can stay away from beautiful (but difficult) fabrics and clothing that is intriguing but highly impractical. Having a store helps. Buying clothing for customers has taught me a thing or two about what works and what not.

Pockets:  we always have stuff that needs to go someplace.

Elastic Waist:  no two people are alike and waist circumferences are amazingly flexible.

Reversible: the ultimate travel solution – two garments in one!


reversible cashmere/silk shawls by Rapti - so soft and comfortable!

pockets on this Anni Kuan skirt! put both hands in and look cool!

elastic waist and feminine! (by Darling of London)

elastic waist AND reversible, new skirts by Indira

Pulling items from the store to photograph these outfits, I found so many separates to go together… I bet any of these would have lots of companions in YOUR closet!




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