we’ve got you covered!

My apologies for the prolonged blogging absence: I have just returned form a month-long vacation to the European continent, had no computer with me and find it way to cumbersome to post from my tiny-screen smartphone.

Although the weather was mostly gorgeous on my trip, which called for a light wardrobe, I once again noticed how well put together the European ladies are! Not only are most of the clothes nicely tailored but shoes, accessories, jackets and coats ALWAYS match.

The European lady also HAS a jacket or coat to go with her outfits. May it be the light colored, belted rain jacket, the colored blazer or elegant overcoat – she just knows what to throw on.

Sofia sporting a tailored blouse, well-fitting corduroy pants and a simple, but stylish, overcoat!

Upon my return to the store, I found quite a few NEW items that had made it to the floor, including some nifty and stylish coats and jackets.

Let me introduce some of them to you:

cable-knit wool jacket by Hazel

While this jacket is not rain proof – it is the perfect transition weather coat for cool mornings and evenings. It buttons high on the neck for extra warmth, buttons just below the bust and has an A-line body. (it is also pitch black, which is always hard to photograph….)

lined, light wool cape by Hazel

You can bike and ride your car in it!  The cape is fully lined and super comfy, just cozy enough for cooler fall days. Added benefit:  pockets!  You can’t beat pockets.

Wool zippered blouson by SkunkFunk

SkunkFunk would not be SkunkFunk is it wasn’t a bit on the funky side.  This jacket’s zipper slightly goes off to one side and the oversized hood doubles as a large shawl collar. And the color just rocks.

Trench/blanket coat by Hazel

This coat is actually a long coat with jacket-like overcoat. The knit portion extends all the way to the back and into the collar! It is fully lined and extra warm, too.

hood and back knit portion of the Hazel coat

Pea coat by Hazel, a wardrobe staple!

For anyone who needs just a basic, good coat – this is it!  Double breasted woolen pea coat with a high collar for those fierce days. Of course, BLACK always goes! (this is also the coat Sofia is wearing in the first picture…)

… and for good measure, I am including a picture of my little orange jacket that I took to Europe; served me well on many occasions! 🙂

Happy Indian Summer!




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