something blue

Over the past two decades, I have been fortunate to be able to afford to buy three NEW cars.

The first one was a BLACK Renault5, which I sold when I moved to the US.

The second one was a FOREST GREEN Volkswagen Golf, which I sold when I moved back to Germany.

And the third one was (and is) a DARK BLUE  Mazda3, which I bought when I came back here.

I do have a thing for cars and I do believe that the car you drive says something about you. But I also pay attention the the color of the car. It is important to me that all the colors on the car go well together; and I LOVE all the new colors  (the reds, yellows and weird greens) of newer cars but don’t like how they don’t go well with the brake lights. Call me silly.

Soon after I got the black car, I determined it is probably the WORST color for a car although it looks awesome. Dust and dirt shows immediately and it does not help when your best friend scrapes the side of it with her bicycle… (I have forgiven you, E. – don’t worry!) I think after the black episode, I knew I wanted DARK nonetheless. When I bought the green VW, I actually had hoped for a blue one but they did not have the color on the lot and I wanted the car RIGHT AWAY. (sorry G. for ruining our anniversary dinner that night)

However, I was ready for my next vehicle to be BLUE.

my commuter vehicle. blue. even the helmet.

By the time I was ready to buy my Mazda, I utilized the internet. I specified everything I wanted – dark blue color, 5 speed manual, sunroof. I had the patience to wait for the right one to show up.

and it did. I still love it.

I am still fascinated by cars and I am especially drawn to blue ones. While traveling on the above mentioned commuter vehicle, I found a few:


still don't know the make. but LOVE the shade of blue.

not really blue. Cadillac. gets 5mi/gallon (30l/100km) the owner told me.

Nissan Leaf. electric in all aspects.

now you're shocked. a red Thunderbird.

what a beauty!

I would run away with the owner of this car. Even though it’s red. (or because)

Happy sunny weekend!



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