clothes with a workout

Sometimes, we like certain clothes so much that we forget that they give a us workout to make them look good. We try them on and tuck and pull at them until we look good in them. For about 2 1/2 minutes. We buy them, take them home, try them on again, make them work… take them out and realize HOW much work they really are.

Don’t fool yourself – we all have them.

Culprit #1: Jeans

I am known to say that spandex in jeans is the best thing since buttered bread. You can move in them, eat, bike!  Great. But most of them also grow on you. In order to make them last an entire day, you have to hike them up every time you get up. I can actually pull them right off my body at the end of the day without even unzipping them!

What to do? If they are comfortable around your thighs, buy a size smaller. While they might feel a bit tight at first, the spandex will work its magic. Look for at least mid-rise, if not high-rise jeans (an 8in-10in rise). If you like the look, then they will stay up because the waist is much smaller than the hips.

Find an awesome belt – like the one above!

Culprit #2: Dresses

One word: cleavage. Too much of it. So we keep strategically placing our hands on our chest (which makes us look as if we are constantly aghast at something), we pull up the dress by the shoulders for cover, or we delicately put an ugly safety pin in hoping that no one sees it. (however, that one is so obvious!)

What to do?  If you truly love the dress – have a seamstress work with the neckline. It could be as easy as putting in some small darts or hide an invisible snap, maybe even adding a piece of lace to bring up the neckline.

If the front really comes too low and nothing can be done sewing-wise AND the dress can take it, wear a tight fitting camisole under the dress. You may even add some color for pop and it might look fantastic!

Culprit #3: Sleeveless Tops

… and the straps are falling off ALL THE TIME. Especially when you are sitting down and slump a bit.

What to do? There is no other way than having the straps taken up. They are just simply too long. That’s why I love a designer who adds adjustable straps! (or the customer who comes to me for the alteration :))

As a store owner, I want to say this: If you are already tucking at the garment in the dressing room – do not buy it. However, if you do love the fabric/cut/pattern/style and you really want the outfit to work, consider one of the options above.

Take a girlfriend. Find a seamstress. (find me!)



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