the quirky things in life

Some people have a wardrobe malfunction. I had a major technical malfunction yesterday and it made me think.

First, we were experiencing alarm difficulties at the shop. We weren’t able to turn it on… or it turned off all by itself. Lights were blinking on the panel. Now, that thing scares me to death. I always imagine tripping it and then sirens blare all over town and – because I simply do not master its controls – I get charged with a false alarm and it costs SO MUCH MONEY. Of course, none of this ever happens and for this particular problem it just needed a new battery. Which arrived yesterday and I installed it. Pah – would you think I was out of trouble now?  No, MORE lights were flashing, NEW lights, and my anxiety just mounted. Well, I called them.  They were really friendly and had all kinds of solutions to turn it on a different way, and no, not to worry, they’ll get a technician to call me next week. By the third call, they also asked me whether or not I had installed the battery the right way.  You know, red to red, black to black. Feeling pretty sure, I claimed to ‘probably’ have done it the right way, because, duh – two colors? Yes, I can do THAT! Nonetheless, I wanted to make sure.  Assure myself of my capabilities… and wouldn’t you know it? – REVERSED color! YES! This one goes right with putting the milk in the cupboard instead of the fridge. I might be losing it. Slowly.

The second issue was that I had no internet for most of the day. Looking for a mistake on my part (see above), I tried EVERYTHING – rebooting my computer, checking the wireless settings, checking my phone to see if it is one thing or the other. The most annoying part of not having internet is not having MUSIC. The store just feels strange when quiet. But then I tried to recall various stores and whether or not I notice music there. And I don’t.  They probably have it but did I NOTICE? Hm.  Made me think. I then just ignored the fact and watched people to see if they would say anything. And they DIDN’T.  Go figure. Another annoyance is that I can’t read emails or updates, access my bank info, place orders without internet. All the things I wanted to do. How did my world ever function WITHOUT internet? That was a disturbing thought. How much do I rely on it? Do I need it to feel rooted in my life? This thought stayed with me until this morning when I at least made alternate arrangements for the music. (simple CD player will do it) As for the rest – I had  great conversations last night with a friend over wine. Coffee outside in the sun watching people. Orders? Can wait. Emails, too. I do not need to be reached electronically ALL THE TIME. There is life without internet.

Some things just work out themselves. Give it time, be patient. Take it slow. Alarm is working properly now. Music is playing over the internet, which miraculously fixed itself.

The only thing malfunctioning today is the weather – IT IS POURING DOWN.

I call this a season malfunction.

1 Response to “the quirky things in life”

  1. June 18, 2011 at 18:41

    Heeeheeee. Of course the battery thing would be tricky. It looked crazy in that box! Thank you by the way;) The music— It’s that awkward silence I feel in the store when the music is off. The only one uncomfortable is …me! I hear you on being unplugged for a bit. My mind just needs to surrender instead of resist/overdrive. I’m working on that:)

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