girlfriend – take note!

The other day, I had two ladies coming to the store about the time I opened shop. One was dressed in sweatpants and a rather ill-fitting t-shirt. The other was dressed smartly and on a mission.  The two had decided that t-shirt lady needed a closet makeover. T-shirt lady had nice features, well-toned body, a pony tail in her graying hair… and seemed to feel pretty uncomfortable.

>>> Now, before I go on, I have to say that I TOTALLY respect girlfriends shopping together. If girlfriend does not approve, other girlfriend will not buy, not matter what I think. Also, girlfriends keep themselves entertained, they don’t want me to chime into their conversations. If girlfriend 1 leans towards something but girlfriend 2 has only the slightest reservation (price, fit, color, material – you name it), girlfriend 1 will be thrown off her balance and unless she is absolutely convinced of the item, WILL NOT GET IT. It also does not help if one of the friends is überconvinced that the other MUST get something, it seems that other girlfriend almost NEVER obliges. <<<

Therefore, for the two mentioned above, I did not get involved. Offered my assistance, IF needed, but stayed out of the way. Makes me a great observer, too, of dynamics.  And boy, did these two have them. And did this shopping experience EVER go wrong.

So, Girlfriend, take note:

– BEFORE you even go shopping with her, find out what she wants. Pants/tops/jewelry? Smartly dressed lady stormed into the store and threw random things a her friend, t-shirt lady was dragged from one display to the next and was getting more and more uncomfortable by the minute.

– Tell your friend WHICH stores you will hit with her and what to expect at each one (if you know). Keep the excitement up that way – maybe if we don’t find accessories here, then we might find your basic t-shirts there…

– Know the colors your friend might enjoy. Does she like patterns, bright colors, or is she more a muted kind of gal? Will she even try on something that hits above the knee? Does she like dangly earrings and long necklaces? T-shirt lady was getting increasingly aggressive at her friend because she obviously pushed things she liked but were not t-shirt lady.

– Keep it cheerful! COMPLIMENT your friend on a good fit (this is a GREAT shape for you , but maybe let’s look for another color…this skirt makes your legs look even longer!). Tell her how well this or that looks with her eyes/hair/shape. In smart dressed lady’s case, she was scolding her friend how difficult she is and what a long day they will have if she doesn’t open up to her suggestions. ….Oh boy, deep breath on my part, right there.

– If something REALLY does not work for your friend (and you see/know it), gently move her away from it by showing her another piece, wording it carefully by telling her how another color or shape will bring out her best features. Not by commenting on her muffin top, pale skin or spider veins!

– Stick to the plan. Dragging out the time in any one store because SHE NEEDS to get new stuff is a bad idea. Watch her, listen to her. In t-shirt lady’s case, she was beginning to sweat and kept saying that she did not like all this attention. Take her outside and move on. Better yet, have a drink in between to lighten the mood. Or ice cream if that chills you out.

I wonder how the rest of their day went. Hopefully they are still friends.

Needless to say that they did not buy anything here.  Clothing OR jewelry.

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