my commute (going to…)

I know I should keep my mind on more important things than gazing around…but I am so amazed by my discoveries that I have to document them.

I have lived in this town for two decades and am still CONSTANTLY surprised by what really lies between those bridges and within the neighborhoods. Now, figure in a bike, some distance and my incorrigible curiosity… and this is what I find!

Today, I decided to take a picture of a house every kilometer that I was riding. My commute to Citrine is just a little over 6km (about 4mi.), which I know because I have that little bike odometer.

My starting point:

km 0 – my house (King neighborhood)

km 1 – 13th&Prescott (Sabin neighborhood)

all these pretty ground covers!

km 2 – Failing&16th (Sabin)…needs some help

km 3 – 19th (Irvington neighborhood)

km 4 – 19th&Knott (Irvington)…huge house!

km 5 – 26th&Thompson (Irvington)

I guess this might be our version of the White House

km 6 – crossing I84 (I know that is not a house)

almost there – 29th (Hollywood neighborhood)

(I find this apartment building rather ugly, it looks like is has a bad hairdo)

>>>At work.


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