three step process

A week and three attempts later, I am finally where I wanted to be with this project.

Those of you who know me, also know that I a) never taste the food I’m cooking and b) never fit a sewing project.

Where the food is concerned, I usually luck out because I know my spices (and my recipes).  However, when it comes to the clothing I make for myself, I have encountered major catastrophes. That includes everything from having to take out stitches due to sleeves sewn in on the wrong side to having to use every bit of seam allowance because the garment turned out way too tight.

Continuing with the ‘stash’, I pretty much cut this dress freehand, having had a rough idea of what I wanted.

I finished this version late at night. Upon waking up, I knew that I did not like the neckline for two reasons:  it looked slightly off-center (you can see that in this picture) AND it felt too small.

Here is the revised version, which I like much better:

I then continued to pair ‘stuff’ with the dress:

(all these pics BEFORE the new neckline)

I wasn’t too happy with those choices, either.

Last night then, I rummaged through my fabric to MAKE another little jacket and found about 60cm (24in) of this waffle weave:

This is a little tie jacket with a hood. Since I did not have enough fabric for both hood AND long sleeves, I used all the remaining fabric and patched the sleeves together. I also used dark gray thread on the otherwise pitch black fabric (the edges are serged only).

Now I’m happy. After phase three.

And I’m going to make more of those hoodies.






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