next up: white bamboo!

For this dress, I dug out a fabric bolt from under my work table.

I’ve always wanted to use this for something but find plain white too boring sometimes.

A crisp white shirt paired with jeans is great. A white t-shirt on a colorful skirt is fun.
Even a white shirt dress with lots of details and pockets works.

But what to do with plain white bamboo? Add texture – that’s what I did.

I had about 2ft (50cm) of this textured white fabric and always wondered WHAT to do with it:

Since I can always use a little more ‘fluff’ around my bust, I replaced the otherwise plain bodice of my pattern.

Before I cut out the pattern pieces, I sewed the ruffled fabric to the bamboo and then proceeded to cut the bodice. The skirt part is a simple folded square in which I cut the waist and then attached it to the bodice. For added fun, I used a strip of the ruffles on the neckline.

Again, this is a Burda pattern (they just fit me well!).

This way, I like my white dress.

All I need now, is SUN and WARMTH. (hey, that’s not too much to ask, is it??)



1 Response to “next up: white bamboo!”

  1. February 27, 2011 at 18:14

    So lovely! Plain white is fantastic! Maybe because of it’s simplicity. Accessories with white are smokin’!

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