an undergarment dilemma

A while back, I scored this awesome top by Anni Kuan on ebay.

It is a deep black silk mix with subtle lurex sparkles all over. I also love the neat bead work around the edge.

What I especially love about this sweater is the unusual neckline… almost square, not quite. Wider on the bottom that around the shoulders.

I took this sweater to Europe twice this last year, thinking that I will find an occasion to wear it. Let’s just say, occasions I had. But I ended up NOT wearing it because I did not have the right bra to fit THIS particular neckline.  No matter what I put on or how much I stretched the straps to the outside, one part of my bra would always show. I will admit that I do not own a whole lot of them, because -um- I guess, I really do not have that much that need holding up and prefer to go without whenever possible. So the variety this sweater needed was not in my possession and the sweater went back home, unworn, un-admired, twice.

That’s when I decided I need to do something about it and ask an expert. Because I DO want to wear this beautiful piece.

I trotted over to Victoria Secret and asked the ‘expert’ ladies there (who are, btw, half my age or younger…).

What I needed was a ‘balcony bra’! Something with a wider chest, a lower cups and the straps as far on the side as possible.

It works!

And while at it, I chose this model.  Might as well, huh?



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