scrap… what I wanted to say

Over the course of many years, I have accumulated a great deal of fabric scraps – leftovers from as many- and many more sewing projects.  Any piece that has at least the size of a pocket liner I have saved. You never know when you might need a pocket liner or a patch….

All my left-over fabric pieces are strategially hidden out of sight – in my attic. I have yards and yards of usable fabric stashed under my sewing table and in at least three drawers, enough to keep me sewing for many days, if not months.  Therefore, I do not need to see tis huge box of basically useless and outdated fabric scraps.

But, you never know.  So I keep it.

When I visit my friend B. over here, I also get inspired when I see her latest  sewing creations as she ever so skillfully manages to adorn her outfits with bursts of color – using leftover fabric. After the excursions through her wardrobe, I am so motivated to do the same… and never seem to have the clothing pattern to actually do it.  Oh, well.

However, I then remembered my own cold feet.  For years now,  I have used a cherry pit cushion to warm my bed in the winter time.  What great opportunity to use these leftover fabrics!


I can get the cherry pits from a cherry processing plant out in Yamhill county. It takes about a day to dry them using my kitchen oven. And I can use my leftover fabrics to make the casings! >>> Deal!

I got on a roll and made quite a few for christmas and birthday gifts.

Warm feet – happy people.

(Greetings from a cold and wintery place in Southern Germany, where I could use one of those RIGHT  NOW!)



1 Response to “scrap… what I wanted to say”

  1. 1 Rob
    January 21, 2011 at 11:09

    Ooh – Gabi needs one of those!

    Cool idea to use found fabric.

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