digging up old faves

To my own surprise, I have been getting a lot of sewing done over the past few weeks.

And that, even though I am working more than ‘full time’ these days.  Goes to show that a good crafty outlet relaxes me and winds me down.  Sewing is such an outcome-driven, satisfying hobby. (And you’ve heard me say the same thing about fixin’ cars… only I can’t do THAT)

The added benefit of sewing is too, that you can wear your creations!

Out of the last five sewing projects, three of them I have made before. I save all my patterns, take notes on where I might have to tweak it a little but then can get right to cutting the fabric and sewing. (All of my fellow seamstresses can probably attest to the fact that tracing and cutting out the pattern takes a hell lot of time!)

Number 1:  The double-layered t-shirt.  I have made the orange stripy one probably 4 years back from fabric bought in Germany. This fabric is double sided and I made the body out of the stripe side and the layered part out of the flowery side. I got the green moire fabric at a mill-end sale and applied the same technique:  for the body, I used the ‘wrong’ side and for the ‘wrap’ the right (even) side.

Number 2: The waste-no-fabric-pants.  Here, the original pair of pants is the top one, probably from about 6 years back. For the new pair, I cut the waist a bit narrower to drop it down. Basically, I wanted to find something where I can use these awesome metal buttons that I had probably for the last three years.  The olive pair is out of corduroy and pretty worn.  The new pair is from herringbone wool-mix, also form a fabric outlet.

Number 3: Zippered jacket. The jacket on the left is chenille and probably five years old.  I have always wanted to try out heavy knits for sweaters and got the black one in town.  However, I am not pleased with how it wears… too itchy for my skin.  The black one will have to end up being an outerwear thingy.  The zippers are identical on both jackets, see-through plastic zippers that I found in a small fabric store in Southern France. (of all places….)

All of these are Burda patterns.

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