after and before (part 1)

There was a time in my life when I had a lot more time (or so it seems…).

I used to make most of my clothes.

Sew them. (when I was A LOT younger, I would also knit, but that is a REALLY long time ago…)

Sewing reminds me very much of  ‘mechanical’ work. You have tools (scissors, rulers, gizmos) and machines (serger, sewing machine, cover lock). You have pieces, defined steps and in the end you have (mostly, if you don’t screw up) a unique piece of clothing that is made for your body.

There will be no other like it, even if your girlfriends choose the same pattern. YOUR choice of fabric will make it different.

I would spend a lot of time sewing. Make an item or two in one week. Go fabric shopping.

Then I started to sew for other people and it all changed. I did not want to be near a sewing machine after sewing all day for others.

Today, I hardly make garments for customers anymore. Too much pride hinges on it, expectations were sky high, and I am honestly not good enough to whip out the perfect fit in a reasonable time.

I stick to alterations of  ready-made garments. And I am good at it.

So when I found myself with a little time on hand last weekend, I set out to finish this blouse that I had cut out over a year ago. For two days I immersed myself in finishing it.

I pleated, I pinned, I ironed, I sewed, tried on and sewed a little more.

(this is where it started)

I already wore this blouse THREE times last week!



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