Impressions from a Metropolis

I got lucky last week. Me and my very best friend (VBF – is that an acronym?) got to stay at a lovely apartment in Budapest, Hungary and mingled with the many tourists there to see and enjoy the sites.

As a former Western European, I NEVER visited Hungary before. Before 1989, it was difficult to obtain a visa, it was difficult to get to, difficult to travel within the country (you pretty much had to tell the authorities every single step of your travels), restaurants served obscure meals, and you had to put up with socialist architecture everywhere.

Now, they still speak a strange language (Hungarian is related to Finnish – and NOTHING else in the world), have a currency other than the EURO (Forint, or ‘ft’ for short) – but it was easy to get there:  1 hour flight and NOBODY wanted to check my passport, a friendly ride into town and the subway nearby.

A typical ‘workman’s house’. We got to stay behind one of those doors.

The way to get around: Metro

A memorial to Jews who got pushed into the Danube during WW II.

And what we found in a park.

Of course we had to have coffee. There is a myriad of beautiful, restored coffee houses in Budapest to choose from. This one once served as the cafeteria for the secret police.

We spoke softly.


1 Response to “Impressions from a Metropolis”

  1. 1 Cheryl
    July 7, 2010 at 12:04

    Misha, I’ve just caught up with your blog, and just started to use mine again. Have been on my own vacation, as in vacate, going way inside. It’s fun to see your purple and the situation with lights and lighting seems to have captured you! I love the red-head story. So here I go, outside to the hot hot sun, to mess around in the garden, such as it is which is pretty much an overgrown jungle of ferns mixed with god knows what! The breeze today is so strong it’s blowing rose petals off the bouquet I cut from my yard and place in the living room – so my house has petals flying all around – pretty and pretty fun! Love, cheryl

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