a bizzare moment

Yesterday, while I was having a delicious Latte (2 shots!) and daydreaming my way around, I observed the most bizarre moment. Later, I wished I had a better camera to capture the various players in this little story. But since I want to share this strange domestic occurrence, you have to put up with the inadequate photo taken with my phone.

I will explain.

The main player here is the lady sitting at the end, the one with red hair. I estimate her age at about 65, maybe a little older, and dressed to the nines. If you look close, she is wearing leggings with zippers printed on it. What you can’t see are her sunglasses (half of the frame black and the other white), which she did not take off. You also cannot see her pointed high heels. The flaming red hair to me is a German curiosity – it seems that women a certain age prefer to dye their hair bright red.  (to be honest – the way she was put together and the way she dominated that table made me think of a cheap pretend-high-class prostitute)

I also determined that the man holding the brown/white dog was her husband and the two blond younger women her daughters.

Note the man sitting by himself at the table to the left. He was having a beer all by himself.

Two tables to the left of the single man was a couple who had a tiny little non-dog. A type mini-pin, only much smaller.  That little one was on a flexi-lead and had wrapped itself around the chair of the single older man so that it ended up stuck next to the single man’s left side.

Either table talked among themselves, except for the single man who had no one to talk to.

A little while after they had settled at their table, the redhead reached into her bag to feed her dogs some treats.  She then noticed the little mini non-dog and must have decided that it deserved a treat as well.

That’s when it happened.

She walked over to the single man’s table. Stopped at the right side of the table. (right where you see the man’s big foot) And then she leaned ACROSS the man’s front, her chest to his, almost FOLDED herself around the man. Had she wrapped her arms around him, you could have mistaken that moment for an intimate embrace.

Only, she reached down to the mini-dog.

It was so bizarre, everyone just looked, seemed to have stopped breathing, the man froze. Nobody said a word.

And then she righted herself, got up and walked back to her husband.

A split second later, people resumed talking.

As if it was the most normal thing to hang your body around strangers.


1 Response to “a bizzare moment”

  1. June 1, 2010 at 12:04

    I just love when strange moments like this happen. It makes you realize that sometimes life is much stranger than fiction. If this had happen in a movie, it would have been too unrealistic to make the final cut.

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