fashion… not happening

It has been almost three solid months and I haven’t been able yet to take ONE picture of stylish European women. NOT ONE. I see them everywhere; I am impressed by their style; I’d like to especially share how the ‘older’ women look, how well and thoughtful they put themselves together. (for instance, there was a silver-haired woman walking by today whose pink Mary-Janes matched the black and pink plaid in her jacket PERFECTLY; the rest of her clothing was simply BLACK and well tailored – and all she was carrying was a paper bag from the local grocery store!)

Since the weather has been rather chilly, most women don a coat or a jacket – stylish trench coats, light wool jackets with big pockets and buttons, all looking like they match the rest of their outfits ACCIDENTALLY… which only tells me that they have a closet full of coats and jackets to choose from.

Shoes – oh, I am an addict of Europeans shoes!; most of them seem to be comfortable to walk in, yet color and style matches the outfit.  High boots paired with knee-length skirts are a favorite this time of year.  Lots and lots of skinny jeans on all body shapes.  However, I could pass on the skinny jeans tucked into the boot:  in my mind, it does take a certain body shape (long legs, fairly trim hips) to pull that one off.

So – no pictures.  Basically, I am too shy to point my little camera phone at people. And I have yet to ask someone to pose for me.

For now, I stick with the mannequins then.


1 Response to “fashion… not happening”

  1. 1 Amy
    May 15, 2010 at 16:30

    Oh MAN…white & cream are in all the windows & magazines right now (I cringe at that!)And shrugs, shugs, slugs, wraps are in every store here from Forever 21 to boutiques! Still kicking myself that I never bought the peach one at your shop last year!

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