low numbers…

I have been fascinated by this Zurich license plate phenomena:

The LOWER the number, the HIGHER the value of the license plate.  Apparently, when the first cars were licensed, the city gave them numbers as they came in.  ‘ZH’ as the abbreviation for the city’s name and then the number.  Ever since I learned about this, I am on the lookout for low numbers.  Today I scored:

Look how beat up this plate is!  They keep the plate and transfer it from car to car. I also learned that people bid high amounts of money to get one of the low numbers for themselves.

For comparison, I took a picture of another one:

Not only is the size a lot different, but the numbers are getting up there!

I also notice the absence of bumper stickers.  Not only are the people dressed elegantly, the cars are sleek that way as well.


1 Response to “low numbers…”

  1. 1 Cheryl
    March 18, 2010 at 20:10

    Misha that is very interesting! I hope you are checking my blog, too. The ways people will find to compete. Amazing and ridiculous! But funny. I had a boyfriend who saved his license plates in much the same way. Dream of him the over night, where he was giving me information about what I need in a marriage.

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