I crossed the dateline above Greenland

… and entered the realm of overcoats and pointed men’s shoes.

As expected, northern Europe is covered in snow.  I cannot remember that I have EVER seen Kopenhagen in snow, but there it was.  And cold.  However, the airport was a delightful sight:  slender people in fashionable outfits and remarkable footwear mulling around trendy little airport boutiques and hip-looking coffee places.  Most everybody with a telephone pressed to their ear speaking an amazing array of languages. Boy, did that feel good!

Never mind that I had forgotten to check myself in for the last leg of my trip and showing up at the gate without a boarding pass.  The friendly Danish gate agent just stopped boarding everyone and helped me get my pass.

My flight consisted of three legs:

Portland (PDX) to Chicago (ORD)

When I left the house, I KNEW that I had way too much stuff.  At the last minute I indulged and threw in a few more faves, knowing that I would miss them if I left them at home.  Such as the white and red paisley long party dress.  But what IF I have an occasion to wear it? I just resigned and figured that I only have to carry that heavy bag once.  (and I usually pride myself that I can travel for a month out of ONE small carry-on…)

As luck would have it, the gate agent in PDX allowed to check that second bag for FREE to my final destination because the flight was full.  Yeah, $50 saved!  All I had now was my red backpack holding my computer, passports and on-board essentials (bootie socks, anti jet lag pills, book)

The flight left on time and landed ahead of schedule.  We had a medical emergency (a young man fainting – our plane was met by two ambulances and a fire truck, all with lights flashing!) and a big brown Schnauzer dog sitting on a regular seat (that a was a first for me!)

Chicago (ORD) to Kopenhagen (CPH)

Another full flight but I had two seats to myself and was able to clock in four hours of sleep (with a headache but I kinda know now that I will experience one which will vanish as soon as I move on solid ground).

On this flight, a young mother with her three children was escorted on board by police.  Somehow I think that she may have been deported.

Kopenhagen (CPH) to Zurich (ZRH)

Aside from not having a boarding pass, I was continuously amazed by the shoes sitting around me. So fashionable!  I may have to buy some after all (since I only brought five pair).

My second bag did not make it.  Bummer.

I am now afraid to leave the house because they will deliver it soon (or so they said).  Once I have it, I will truly believe that I saved the $50.


1 Response to “I crossed the dateline above Greenland”

  1. 1 Cheryl
    February 27, 2010 at 07:46

    Misha! I just sent you an email. I deactivated my FB account, and thought maybe we can connect via blogs for now. Love the story about shoes! Love,Cheryl

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