The M.O.V.E., phase 2 and 3

Okay, full disclosure:

I have done a lot of moving in my lifetime and the easiest moves are the ones where everything is neatly packed into boxes, drawers  taped shut and all you have to do is load it into a vehicle – preferably a big enough one to require ONE single trip.

Add to that a sufficient amount of people, snacks and drinks and we’re good to go.

WELL – I was TRYING to be helpful and easy, let’s put it that way.  But none of the drawers were taped shut and a WHOLE lot still had to be boxed and even more had to be unscrewed.

In my defense I have to say that SOFIA stayed open until Saturday and the move was taking place Sunday.  Therefore, I wanted for the store to look halfway decent and not a total mess of boxes and stuff.

Phase 2 included boxing up hangers, small items and office supplies. Yet another friend took the headless mannequins and all my display feet. I had made piles and piles of old catalogs and signs that I tossed out. (many, many trips to the garbage area….)

SOFIA had to leave….

She was sitting in my car for the entire afternoon and I bet, she freaked some people out…  (I should put her in that seat when I want to travel the diamond lane next….)

Then Sunday came along – and it did not rain!

We were seven people in all, and they were all FANTASTIC!  Two guys with electric screwdrivers, one who was the perfect organizer, and incredible worker bees!

Isn’t that amazing?

Yes, a lot of the stuff still had to be boxed up, legs need to be unscrewed from tables, lights taken off the ceiling – but in under 4 hours it was all done!  Not everything fit into the U-haul truck; we had to make two trips.  Not everything fit into the basement either – we couldn’t get one shelf and the slat wall around the corner.

Look at it!  Not a trace of the four years I was in there!

And there it is:  my store in the basement!

Cool. Phase 3 completed.

I slept like a baby that night….


1 Response to “The M.O.V.E., phase 2 and 3”

  1. 1 tette
    February 3, 2010 at 16:04

    what a job. Great going! Can’t believe you did all that and yes stuff in basement looks familiar.

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