I know this is a somewhat odd topic – but in all these years of having the shop, I was always intrigued by HOW people hang garments.  And also HOW determined they are about doing it.

When I designed my clothing racks, I had a specific body height in mind – I wanted an average size woman to be able to see the clothing items at a comfortable eye level.  I also did not want her arm to strain when shuffling through the hangers.  Furthermore, I thought that MOST women are probably right-handed and will want to use the right arm to move the hangers, which lead to hanging the clothes front-side facing you.  Now, most hangers are bowed, especially the wooden ones.  So, when standing in front of one of my racks, the hangers face right, the bowed side back, the garment’s open side facing the person.  Extend your right arm, and you can move the hangers back and forth and look at the clothing’s front.

Too complicated?  I don’t think so.  It makes sense.  And while I admit that I have put some REAL thought into this, I have also hanged my clothing at home this way all the time.

Just as I am determined that this a sensible way of doing it, I have had so many customers who ALWAYS turn the hanger around.  They even move the hook.  They hang the clothing backwards.  I have come to the conclusion that this MUST be a subconscious action; just like I have always done it the other way, they do it their way.

I have always noticed.  I have always changed them back to MY WAY.  And I just had to say something about it.


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