Letting go of 2009 with a sigh…

… and ringing in 2010 with a bang!

When composing this post earlier today, in my thoughts, I had the perfect words to mint.  But then, of course, I did not write any of it down and so the ‘perfect’ post escaped me.

So will this year; it will escape in a few hours.

This is how this year ended here in Portland:

Under a thick blanket.  Which of course, once again, caused havoc in this town because NOBODY was prepared for this.  I love those small, benign catastrophes.

I am closing out a wondrous, remarkable year, both personally and business-wise.   I was able to go through so many great experiences and am looking forward to the next chapters of this book.
SOFIA was holding up her own, thanks to the loyal patrons of my little shop.  I bow down to every one of you who chose my store over the big boxes.  Thank you for the many good conversations we had, for the opportunity to get to know so many of you better!

Wishing you a happy, prosperous,  healthy 2010, and


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