Dressing for the Holidays, part 2

While I still am not playing Christmas tunes at the shop, I have moved up a little and am listening to the Jazz Music Network and their guitar and smooth voices  station.  Almost like Christmas songs.  And after I will have put up my tree at the house and get into the spirit a tad bit more – I will play the Christmas songs.  Especially the ones that are about snow – because we don’t have any and it would be so nice!!!!

I was also playing with accessories for the holidays and here is what I have come up with:

This dress is a dark petrol velvet by Hazel and it is very festive all by itself.  I have jazzed it up with a beaded scarf by Zazou.  The scarf has a little vintage look (20ies) to it.

This scarf is also by Zazou.  It has silver threads encased in sheer black fabric.  Stunning.

The kimono shawl by Zazou.  Burnt orange silk with a Japanese inspired motif all over.

Another floating thread scarf.  The picture does not do the intense green threads any justice.

All of theses scarves will look VERY festive on any outfit.  Now or for your New Year’s party.


1 Response to “Dressing for the Holidays, part 2”

  1. December 18, 2009 at 22:59

    Ok I really want this Hazel dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s perfect for the holidays!

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