Dressing for the Holidays – part 1

I would say that by now, almost EVERY store I go into has some sort of Christmas tunes tweeting from their stereos.  And while that still does not do anything for me and I pity the store clerks who had to listen to this music for the last four weeks, I must admit that I DO feel kind of festive these days.  I have seen beautifully decorated trees in my friends houses, we had had an arctic cold front come through, I baked cookies, held a Holiday market and bought some gifts.  There is a (good) chocolate Advent Calendar in my house and I am having fun creating an online one for my friends.

So, it is about time to think about the party dresses.

My first installment shall be about some outfits that would look good at any party.

This dress is by Kersh, is knee-length, looks just darling – and will work even after the holidays when put over a pair of jeans.

A delicate velvet shift dress by Anni Kuan, covered by a red cardigan by Armand&Alba.

Folklore stitch blouse by Hazel combined with Anni Kuan’s black ‘fuzz’ skirt.  Great also separately.

A classic, vintage inspired, body-hugging dress, also by Kersh.  Length below the knee.

This top is by Hazel, has a wide scoop neck and will go with slacks or a long skirt.

To commemorate the spirit, I am wearing a green/red plaid skirt today, red sweater and tights and green boots!


1 Response to “Dressing for the Holidays – part 1”

  1. December 15, 2009 at 23:15

    If Yed stops by shopping (and has a desperate look on his face), The 2 Kersh dresses are LOVELY! Also maybe a gray sweater/shawl, and a deep yellow coat-let. An Aventi bag too! Why not?

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