It is soo cold out there!

Okay, I have to admit, I am not playing ANY Christmas tunes at the shop.  Not yet.  It has to be at least around the 20th of December for me to do that.  I go insane listening to those jingles all the time.  I also have not decorated my house yet. (my store, yes – people have to be feeling the ‘vibe’).  My Christmas tree goes up a few days before Christmas – and then stays through the beginning of January at least…

Same goes for WINTER clothing.  I am not ready yet.  Instead, I wear layers upon layers of cotton and light wool.  I don’t know – I want the transition from summer to winter to be a lot longer.  Yet, time flies.  Where does it go?

Out here, is has been very cold, though, for the last few days and will continue to be so.  I saw the first frost this morning coating the rooftops.  I will probably have to get into those thick sweaters and wool tights here pretty soon.

So for today, one last post about layering and fall colors BEFORE I embark on the Holiday spirit and festive wear.

All of the cardigans are by A2 – a company that uses recycled, mill-end yarns.  Except for the mustard-colored long cardi and the navy thick tunic; these are by Press, Canada.

As for me, I keep on wearing this silk/cashmere scarf.  It keeps my neck incredibly warm and smothered.

And my fall colored tights.  For now.  Everything to go with the scarf.

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