no picture day

As I am trying to keep my customers and friends abreast on what is happening at the store, I feel like I should be able to include pictures to go along with my entry.  And when I don’t have pictures, I get the feeling I am cheating my readers.  This would be a day like this one:  I am at home, I do not even know what has arrived at the shop AND I don’t have my camera on me and its chip on which I store A LOT of pictures. (and yes, it is debatable whether that is a good idea in inself).

HOWEVER – I was out shopping today and it felt like a WARZONE.  Due to the fact that we are having Thanksgiving in this country in TWO days.  To me, Thanksgiving is the quintessential American Holiday.  E V E R Y B O D Y  in the US is celebrating Thanksgiving, across religious boundaries and other beliefs.  We cook a turkey or some other scrumptious meal, get to a communal table by car, train or plane and indulge in food, wine and good conversation.  Well, mostly.  There are people who will be lonely and others who are in a place in their lives where they cannot or will not be celebrating this holiday.  They still count and I wish them well.

Thanksgiving somehow marks the beginning of the final race towards the end of the year.  People today were wishing others ‘Happy Holidays’, fully aware that they might not see the other person until NEXT year.  Because we will be busy, no matter what we do.  Welcoming family and guests, saying goodbye to them only to prepare for the next big fest – Christmas.  Back when I was still teaching, you pretty much could forget the next few weeks as kids and their parents had so much other stuff on their minds than school.

But I want to take a moment, pause and breathe before this final stretch.  I want to savor these last days of the year  – and the long nights.  I want to enjoy the company that comes to my house and that I will see at various parties.

It has been a good year so far, and I want to take the busy holiday season in stride.  I am grateful for my customers who keep coming to my store even if the economy is described as doom and gloom.  I am grateful for my friends and family that I share happy times with and who I esteem for their support, laughter, conversations and continued love.

As for the  store – I will be decorating it after Thanksgiving.  I will have candles and an advent wreath and am looking forward to all the pretty holiday dresses and glittery scarves.  December will be good.  Breathe.


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