The Greek Theme, take 2

Looking over my blog statistics, the Greek Theme gets by far the most views.  I find that highly interesting.  For various reasons.

Anything Greek was apparently THE hit this summer.  I had featured a few dresses on the topic and also Michelle Obama who promoted Greek in her fashion.

It seems that everything Greek slowly but surely made its way into our neck of the woods.  About a couple of years ago, Trader Joe’s started to carry Greek yogurt.  At first only the type that had fruit puree mixed in, which is not really what Greek yogurt is all about.  Now they have the plain kind, in three fat levels (and I only like the full fat one!).  Most of the nature stores carry Greek yogurt now.  Portland has a huge Greek festival in the fall and it attracts more and more people every year.

A lot of my friends have happy memories about Greece and they talk about wanting to go back. (so do I…)

So maybe all of this signifies a trend that finally made it into the fashion world.  The designers caught on and presented Greek inspired lines this Spring and Summer.  It seems to be a faint memory by now – I have nothing but one Greek inspired dress left over.  Looking around my store, I can’t find ‘the Greek theme’ in my winter clothes.  Which is not to say that Greek won’t stick around.

For now, though, I’ll shift my focus to Germany.  Christmas Season is coming up and I have the most awesome large Advent calendars.  With PRETTY – not cutesy – pictures behind every little door.  No chocolates either, although – again- Trader Joe’s has those.

You get open the first door on December 1.


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