Friday, the 13th.

I must admit that I probably am somewhat of a obsessive compulsive person.  I would not admit that to anybody today, but when I got up in the morning, I was FULLY AWARE that this is Friday, the 13th.  And only to myself I would confess that I was a bit anxious about it.

I don’t say ‘Happy Birthday’ to someone BEFORE it is their birthday.

When I find a penny, I spit on it three times and toss it over my left shoulder.

I do not walk under ladders.

When I hear a ringing in my left ear, somebody thinks favorably fe me.  Ringing in the right ear – not so good.

The more ‘8s’ in a phone number or address, the better – for that matter, any number combination that makes 8s is good.

A black cat crossing my path freaks me out  (I have not found a remedy for that one yet)

And I believe in Karma: spread good – receive good.


My mother was born on a Friday 13, she is alive, well and 81 years old.

So go figure – I am doing well today.  My evening will be just fine – I trust it.


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