Get your pants on!

When I post about the shop, I realize it is more about socks (of course!), tops, skirts and dresses and hardly EVER about pants.

I like pants, although I admit that I am so much more of a skirt fan.  I wear skirts in all lengths ALL YEAR ROUND.  Nothing makes me feel more like a woman than a skirt.  In the summer, I prefer flowing fabrics in skirts that come to just around my knee – I like how the fabric moves around my skin.  During the colder months, I wear my skirts SHORT and with tights, mostly colorful, striped or patterned.

But I do like pants, especially since they invented spandex.  I wonder how we ever survived in those rigid un-giving and un-forgiving pant legs.  I  also like that they moved the waists down, which is not to say that I like those pants that barely come up to your hip bones and leave much to be covered when you bend down.  No exception, especially when a woman has a few pounds too many.  So I consider mid-rise  – 7 1/2 inches to 9inches – ideal, the waistband comes to just below the belly button.  That way I feel covered, yet can eat as much as like without needing to pop the button.

Now, here are a few that I have in the store right now:

Christopher Blue Lloyd trouserChristopher Blue RicKersh MarlenaMavi DawnChristopher Blue Ric jeansChristopher Blue Ric trouserMavi ZoeAKN wool pantsDina






























From left to right and top to bottom:  Christopher Blue Lloyd trouser jeans, Christopher Blue Ric corduroy in China Gold, Kersh Marlena, Mavi Dawn trouser, Christopher Blue Ric black jean, Christopher Blue Ric cotton trouser, Mavi Zoe, Anni Kuan wool trouser, SkunkFunk Dina cropped

Okay, of the pants shown here, I own FIVE.  Not bad for a skirt girl, huh?



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