and then there are days like this one….

Sometimes, I believe I jinx my own existence.  I usually trust my instincts and my gut feelings.  And I so like to believe those instincts that it is an utter disappointment when things turn out just THE OPPOSITE or completely different to say the least.

This morning I was all chipper and positive and so convinced that I would know EXACTLY how this day shall turn out.  I am not even saying that this is a BAD day, it is just so surprising that – so far – it is nothing like I expected.  First off, it did not rain, which actually contributed to me being so positive….  Then it is a Wednesday, and the last Wednesdays just knocked me off my feet – I was so busy.  Well, let’s just say that THIS PARTICULAR Wednesday will NOT be counted among them.  Next, I had planned all these things for today, somehow wanting to repeat my yesterday which was super productive.  On that note – I have managed to cut off two pairs of jeans ALL DAY.  And I have about ten more sitting here waiting to be hemmed.  Productive?  Ah, not so.  Sidetracked, doing all kinds of useless stuff, oh yes!  Furthermore, I was convinced I would hear from two important people, the first one did not call and the other one did not show up.  I was so sure I would hear from them!

Well, I can only say two things – my gut feelings are wrong sometimes and a day like this one just proves it.  And – the day is not over yet!



1 Response to “and then there are days like this one….”

  1. 1 Cheryl
    November 4, 2009 at 22:22

    And it turned out! I know because we had a delicious glass of wine together at our new neighborhood spot, The Free Bar, on Fremont. And I know, that in the end your day did indeed bring you success in your business. Sometimes we just don’t know how it will all happen, yet it does.

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