Gotta love free advertising!

One of the perks of being in business for a while is that people notice you.  Your business is still in the phone book, the website still works, email gets answered and customers talk about you.  Word gets around.  This is especially important to a small business owner  (LIKE ME) with not a whole lot of money to spend on advertising.

So it was much to my pleasant surprise when I got an email from the fashion show organizer at the Portland Women Show.  She wanted me to show 12 outfits at two (TWO!) shows.  At first, I was so baffled that I did not even answer her.  Me, my little SOFIA?  Then I thought – HECK – FREE advertising, go for it!

I actually had a lot of fun looking at all the models and fitting them with my clothes.  Most of them are 5ft 10″ at least – when do you get a chance to show off beautiful clothing on REAL models?  Their hair and make-up professionally done?

So off to the show went twelve outfits – AND I DO NOT EVEN HAVE TO BE THERE!

The Portland Women Show runs from today until November 1 at the Convention Center.  The fashion shows are at 1PM, both Saturday and Sunday.  And while I do admit that the hunks at the Firefighter’s show might be a bigger attraction, do check out what SOFIA has to present – some of which is here:

AKN black skirt

Hazel blue blouse Anni Kuan fuzz skirt

kersh red dressNTS jacket Rapti shawl


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