Shameless self promotion

This is just another one of those days where nothing goes as planned, which is not to say this isn’t pleasant day.

My intern Lucy was supposed to be here but she called in sick.  I had planned to stick her into some of the new fall arrivals because it gets kinda boring when I have to photograph everything on the headless mannequins.  These are the options when you are all by yourself most of the time.  I also wanted for her to show off these awesome over-the-knee socks that I am wearing today.  Oh well, I did not want to let the opportunity slip by and asked Naomi to photograph ME.

micha in hazel coat

I do not know how many times I already talked about this coat.  It looks like I am only trying to find more ways to justify taking it home.

micha in annimicha in anni2

When this dress came in I snatched it up right away.  Along with the over-the-knees.  This is going to be one of my fall favorites. you bet.

So, this time real clothes on a real woman.  Next time, it is back to the headless mannequins.  Happy Day!


1 Response to “Shameless self promotion”

  1. September 17, 2009 at 16:09

    I love it! You look fantastic, my dear…

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