so Portland!

Yesterday, I had my hair cut in a part of town that I used to go to a lot but don’t anymore.  Probably because I now live on the ‘other side of town’.  The Hawthorne area is SO Portland and this is where I stumbled across this coffee shop.


The quirkiness and charm just enchants me.  There are so many things to look at!  License plates, street names, pictures….  not to mention the name:  Acme Coffee.

On this remarkable date (09/09/09), I am looking at my fall shipments and let me tell you:  I have received So Portland as well.  Just a couple of pieces to get you started (the cools socks are waiting to be photographed!):

Hazel brown skirt

This  coffee brown skirt by Hazel has so many different fabrics stitched into it, it almost looks like patchwork.  Can’t wait to see this one with some chunky boots and a thick sweater.

Hazel cream coat

Also by Hazel, this coat of soft brushed cotton is so stylish and so bold.  Yet, the color makes it very feminine.  I just want to sink my hands into the deeps pockets and stroll up and down Hawthorne Avenue.

Happy Ninth of September!


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