The Heavens look favorably on me

I MUST be doing something right.  I am getting spared.  All around me these days, strange things are happening.  Two of my good friends lost their pet companions last month.  A girlfriend of mine got dumped and two people I know lost family members just this last week.  Amy packed up and moved.  It seems like the stars are aligning to bring about major shifts for mankind.  I was already getting a hunch of that when I wrote about CHANGES the other day.

So, here I had to cover my store for the last two days although I was supposed to be off.  Since I really enjoy hanging out here, I do not mind.  The only thing I did mind was that all the plans that I had got thrown out the window.  Such as visiting my good friend T. who just  had a baby and REALLY could use me right now.

I must have been a bit flustered last night when I left because I did not bring in the clothing rack that I usually have sitting outside.  I did not even notice.  What I did notice when I got here earlier today was this empty clothing rack outside of my shop.  Brief panic attack, followed by all my neighbors being utterly upset at WHO would be doing such a thing – stealing from a small store.

Well, as I said, somebody was looking our for me.  I thought I might as well check with the neighbors on the other side and see what they knew.  Lo and behold – the restaurant was so kind and took the clothes all in.  Pheww – this IS a good neighborhood after all!


Clothes are back. I am happy. Thanks to the Heavens – they DO look favorably on me these days.  And I am thankful!


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