Change is in the air

For a few nights in a row, I haven’t seen the moon.  Right now I do not know whether that is a good sign or not.  What I know for sure is that things are beginning to shift, moon or no moon.  As I am contemplating this post, there is a lady outside my shop having a VERY personal conversation on the phone and all I know is:  Her life is going to change – BIG TIME.  And it does not sound like the changes she is going through are happy ones.

Another customer of mine was talking about the changes last night.  She is very intuitive and was pretty clear about big atmospheric changes that will affect everybody who is in tune.  That would be me.

An unfortunate occurrence happened last night to one of our shops on the strip – WHILE we are having a good time.  Their cash box got lifted, we have no idea in what split moment, but it DID happen.  Not here, not now – that is too bad.  I know there are desperate people out there, but going BEHIND the counter in a small store to get the cash box and run with it – that is NOT FAIR.  We work hard for our money.  I sure hope that KARMA works its magic there.

And then, Poppy & Ivy is leaving.  Although I applaud her for making that decision and prioritizing her life, I am still VERY SAD that she will no longer be my neighbor.  40 blocks up the street might not seem far, but is is TOO FAR to chat.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for changes.  I am the QUEEN OF CHANGES, just so you know.  I also support anybody who is making a change to better their life (like Amy).  Sometimes it is just hard to get my head around it.


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