Hello Folks – SkunkFunk reorder!

Everybody laughs at the name.  We all know the Spaniards have a funny way of naming things.  Nonetheless – SkunkFunk is a great brand that sells really well. So when I heard that they still have some popular styles available for immediate shipping, I splurged…

Most of the pieces make spectacular ‘transition wear’.  And the timing is just right – we had three days of heavy, heavy rain, which may be good for my garden but is definitively not good for my soul.  I AM SO MUCH of a summer person.  I love the warm temperatures, the sun on my skin; it makes me feel utterly alive and sensitive.  However, I can  live through this brief wet spell – my mailman has assured me that we are in for another hot summer run.

SKFK Bakaikua

SKFK Bakaikua detail

The Bakaikua dress – a deep petrol, color, nice lime green accents, buttons, AND pockets.  Can’t beat pockets on a dress.

SKFK Anuxka

Anuxka sweater/jacket.  A deeper shade of petrol, two zippered pockets and a patterned hood.


Last, but not least, the Dina pant.  I picked that one right out of the batch and am wearing it today.  Partly because I am still trying to hide my battered legs.

Did I say that all of these items are form their ‘green’ line – made from bamboo and organic cotton?  I scored!


1 Response to “Hello Folks – SkunkFunk reorder!”

  1. 1 delightsgal
    August 17, 2009 at 20:20

    Wishing I were in Portland…would love to shop and learn from you. Living in the Rocky mountains, but I can still dream of SofiaPortland everything. Thanks for that dream, trina

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