In the Heat: Navy it is

Oddly enough, I had two people today ask for NAVY.  It is the color that I have the least unless you count jeans.  Navy has always been the slowest color to sell and there has never been a great demand for navy anyway.  Not so today.  Incidentally, I am also wearing navy today.  It IS a great color, don’t get me wrong.  I just don’t have a lot of it.

Press navy tank

This one is by Press, basically a long tank, A-line cut with a longer back.  Moves around you perfectly in this heat.  That is the one I have on today, along with one of Naomi’s long necklaces. Can’t go wrong with that. I am also wearing a pair of white linen capris, just enough cover but still comfortable riding my bike.

Hazel flower top

Also good for this heat is this strap tunic-like top by Hazel.  As you can see, there is navy IN it – that is how much NAVY I actually got right now.  This top looks great paired with cropped khaki pants or a pair of jeans.  It also camouflages any tummy issues women may have.  An added benefit to this are the adjustable straps and smocked elastic back.

So, there you have two more tips for hot summer clothes.  It has been excruciatingly hot this last week, which is very uncommon for Portland.  I AM NOT complaining because I LOVE summer.  I love dressing in airy clothes and have skirts and dresses swing around my legs.  Just not too much navy blue ….

1 Response to “In the Heat: Navy it is”

  1. August 12, 2009 at 16:06

    Oh for the Love of Navy! One of my favorite colors so interesting to hear that is the slowest to sell. But I do love navy, despite, that as a small toe-headed kid, my mother generally put me into Navy dresses and knit Tee shirts.
    Still I believe it is more flattering than Black against the skin; I try to promote navy, really I do. I even find the subtle nuance of black and navy paired to be somewhat sophisticated.

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