The curious case of the (unloved) SKFK shirt

When it first came to the store, I was away on my trip to Europe.  S. did not like it and later told me why – although one had sold right away.  She was actually thinking of even sending it back; that’s how much S. did not like the shirt.  The reason for sending it back would be the SKFK printing all over the pattern and the semi-unfinished neckline.

Then she sold another one, and I did, too – to the same woman who had bought the first one.  This customer needed another one because her mother had liked the shirt so much, she pulled it off her.  While I had no particular feeling one way or the other for the shirt, it began growing on me.  Especially after I got a request for a larger size and had to reorder.  And it sold well – that is also a good sign for my store.

When the re-order came in (I had re-ordered two ….just in case), I even began promoting it to my customers who were interested in it.

SKFK black top

Here it is.  And I do like it even more the longer I look at it.

First off, it is made from Bamboo fabric.  So it is incredibly soft.  It has this sweet scooped neckline that looks flattering on anyone without being too revealing.  Its two front panels are crossed, which give it structure in the middle – accentuating a waist or pretending one where there is little.  And then the boob job.  For a smaller breasted woman, this shirt adds folds and fabric for a fuller line.  It really convinced me, though, when a larger breasted woman tried it on and I saw what it did for her.  The shirt emphasizes the assets, cups them perfectly and smooths the breast for an elegant curvy look.

Needless to say that they all bought the shirt.  I now have one left in extra small.  I might just as well go home with me.  I am convinced.


1 Response to “The curious case of the (unloved) SKFK shirt”

  1. May 9, 2009 at 08:57

    I LOVE this top. It’s so 50’s inspired, rock-a-billy, Gwen Stefani.
    I adore it. Just a little red lipstick, black pencil skirt and there…bombshell sweet.xo

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