Let me tell you…. it is ARGYLE!

How I wish I had may camera on me.

Walking or biking around here, it is hard not to be a SPY for my shop.  Naturally, no one even KNOWS I have a shop but I do feel like I am constantly assessing peoples’ outfits, looking at boutique displays and how THEY have arranged their racks, lightning, WHAT music they play, if any…. and, of course, what people are wearing in this fashion-forward, trendy city.  Yes, I am in Berlin.  One of the most colorful cities in the whole wide world.  What do I see?  ARGYLE.  Argyle on sweaters.  Argyle on coats.   Argyle on vests.  Argyle on the front, not the sleeves, not the back.  Just like it was decades ago.  And I did SWEAR I would NEVER ever put this on again.

Oh, I wish I had my camera so I could prove it to you.  I do not want to believe it.  Because Argyle on your body is not flattering.  It looks dated.  Too many colors, too busy.  Wasn’t it only yesterday that we chucked all the Argyle?  I am shocked.

What might be saving us on the West Coast is the fact that it might as well take a year or more until this trend hits us.  But then, I remember seeing (and rejecting) ARGYLE at the last rend show.  Wow, and that was only two weeks ago.

I will have to steer my customer towards the ARGYLE sock.  I have plenty of those.  I like Argyle on your calf.


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