Spring Break

As I am getting ready to hop on a plane to Europe, having packed winter clothes as it is still cold there –  I am so hoping for the spring sun, the flowers, the trees, the people who are in the mood for ‘sunnier’ clothes.

I have received low, light weight SmartWools to go into those low comfortable walking shoes.  I have many, many colorful cotton socks to brighten up the day.  And besides light denim, I also have put out the latest arrival from Anni Kuan.

akn-circle-print-silk-skirt This skirt is made from silk, lined and has two chiffon circles sewn on the front.

akn-green-paper-silk-top I call this the ‘paper’ silk because the silk is so sweet and lightweight

akn-paper-silk-top Another ‘paper silk’ top.  This one can be ties in a variety of ways.

akn-turquoise-jersey-jacket Color pop.  In reality, the turquoise is a lot more saturated.


Fine cotton tunic with a high waisted skinny sash

I also received  a new line:  SKFK by Skunkfunk out of Spain.  Their style is a little more edgy, a bit younger.  All the dresses can be worn over pants or by themselves.  Brushed cotton with a bit of stretch for comfort.


2 Responses to “Spring Break”

  1. 1 Starry21
    April 2, 2009 at 02:26

    I love the skunkfunk clothing- especially the black dress you’ve shown on the left. I must have half a wardrobe full of Skunkfunk lol. I found this page about them– I have the dress pictured, it’s so gorgeous 🙂

    Starry21 x

  2. 2 Tonya DeCroce, Portland OR
    April 3, 2009 at 05:51

    Just loved reading your blog this morning…must start out with this morning ritual! I hope you’re finding the spring in Germany and Sweden! Love, Tonya

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