… more FREE promotions

Yes, I know I waited too long with the follow-up on the previous post BUT while I was compiling all the other options, I was asked to be on TV.  Oh my, I am so self-conscious.  I won’t even do the television portion of my favorite radio station’s fund drive. And there are seats that are waaaayyy out – I just don’t want for a camera to find me.  Even back there.   I will only sit in the phone room – I can talk on the phone, yes.

So here they ask me on Tuesday AFTERNOON whether I would want to be on TV the following MORNING.  Early morning, too.  Like 6:30.  Everyone who knows me knows that I am so not a MORNING person.  I’d rather miss a flight than get up.  But then, I miss flights no matter what time, so that does not really count.  I hesitated  2 seconds because of the ungodly hour.  Then said YES.  Because, WHO wants to miss an opportunity to be on local TV when it is FREE???  I got to say a few words after my name and SOFIA were introduced.  I was also asked to bring an outfit to show – I brought six.  HA! – why pass up on that opportunity?  I must have hit the mark, too, with my outfits emphasizing femininity.  NPR did a segment on Michelle Obama and how she is becoming a style breaker and she  – as the strong woman – is emphasizing femininity with her outfits.



To prepare for the shoot, I planned my outfit, knowing that black or white do not look good on camera.  I also put on a little heavier make-up than usual because of the bright camera lights.  Both decisions proved to be good – I wore olive green, which actually looks good with my hair and eyes.  I would love to post the segment but, this having been a live shot, the station did not make it available.

So – do not pass on a TV opportunity no matter what your hang-ups might be.

Another good free marketing opportunity is to get a write-up from a newspaper.  This is not as easy because there are so many shops and causes they can write about.  My strategy is to announce any and everything that I do at the shop to a media list.  It helps if there is an angle such as a charity drive or a Women’s Business Showcase.  For my shop, I do about one announcement per month at the most.  I do not want to spam them.  When we had the Women’s show in December, a small local paper decided to run a story on us.  That is how I ended up as a centerfold.  What an honor:  I am fully clothed, though.

As for the not-for-free promotions, we down here as a strip decided to do advertising together to save on cost.  In the past, we have done group ads and postcards, both mailed and hand deliverd.  We also have a website with all our links on it on which we promote events.  In addition,  I give to school auctions, especially when someone takes the time and walks into my shop.  Granted, every gift certificate will cost me but people see my store and often spend more than the face value of the ceritficate.  And hopefully come back.


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